How can becoming a PUBLISHED AUTHOR change YOUR life and business?

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The book that will IGNITE your business is the one YOU write!


A book will help you to stand out from your competition in a crowded field.


Nothing instills trust and adiration from others quite like a book.


The most memorable way to close a deal is to hand a potential partner YOUR book


From posts to podcasts to press, nothing makes you as desirable a subject than YOUR book

Sounds great! But a bit tough and scary ...

But it doesn’t have to be!

We’ve been publishing books  – and creating new authors – for years, and LOVE “changing lives … one book at a time!”

And perhaps you have a book—a hole book—written down already waiting for publication (or perhaps even shoved into a drawer!) If so—FABULOUS! We are ready to get started and get you published in no time.


Isn't there an easier way????

Yes there is! We’ve developed the 5-Step Method – the fastest and easiest way to get YOU to become a published author—and reap the rewards of ALL of the benefits a book can bring—without the time, stress, creativity, and angst it may take to write a book.

Our 5-Step method is SO easy that Step #5 is “Open your door—your books have arrived!” 

Step #1 - Select your book

And if you have something in mind that isn’t listed, please let us know – we are always on the lookout for new projects. We'll start with a 1-on-1 meeting to discuss your business, goals, and plans, to be sure that your new book will align best with you.

Step #2 - Submit your chapter

Or not, if you prefer. We could “ghostwrite” it for you, making sure to match your message and desired tone. Surveys say that 60% of books sold are written by someone other than the author, so you'd be in good company!

Step #3 - Send in your photo

It will be used along with your bio and on promotional posts. If you like, we can even put it on the front cover. Don't worry if it needs a background removed or would prefer to be a characterized figure - we've got you covered.

Step #4 - Click on your email

You'll find promotional posts, graphics, videos, and other materials to help spread the word about your new book. We'll even have a 1-on-1 meeting to strategize on ways to leverage your new book.

Step #5 - Open your front door

Open your front door – your books will be arriving shortly. Get your Sharpie ready to start autographing!

Can it really be THAT easy???

Not only is it easy, but it is EFFECTIVE

All new authors will receive:

  • 30-minute planning meeting to discuss the type of audience and results you are seeking with your publication. We certainly want your time and effort to be focused upon your goals, and the structure, content, style, and tone of your work should reflect that.
  • 30-minute book promotion planning meeting, so that the author’s short and long terms goals – both as an author as well as a professional – can be strategized and realized.
  • Professional editing of your work, which will be shared with you for your input and approval.
  • 10 softcover books to get you started
  • Unlimited softcover and/or hardcover books AT COST whenever you like.
  • Unlimited FREE digital copies of your book.
  • A full multi-page media kit, including a book one-sheet, book reviews, press release, bio, and graphics, along with a complimentary download link for book reviewers.
  • A speaker sheet including your top speaking topics, book graphics, and contact information for booking you as a speaker.
  • Book graphics (both flat and 3D) in all file types and sizes for you to use for business cards, bookmarks,  letterhead, cake decorations – anything you could possibly need!
  • Social media posts featuring you and your new book – from announcements that your new release is on the horizon through posts sharing your interviews and book trailers.
  • Opportunities to be interviewed and appear on an author show, promoted on YouTube and Spotify,  to use the full show or excerpts for your own promotions.

Check out these GREAT options!

You Have Something Ready to Publish

Fantastic! If you’ve already written something for your upcoming publication, we’ll start with a 30-minute Zoom meeting to be sure that your work is geared toward the audience and results you are seeking.

You Plan to Write Something New

This is a great option for those who may not have a ready-supply of finished work. We’ll start by setting up a 30-minute Zoom meeting to discuss the type of audience and results you are seeking with your publication. We certainly want your time and effort to be focused upon your goals.

You Haven’t the Time or Desire to Write Yourself

If you find yourself lacking the time, expertise, or desire to write, worry no more. Our professional ghostwriting service is here to fulfill your writing needs. After meeting to learn more about you—your business, personal story, inspirations, and goals, our "ghosts" will get right to work.

I want it all - right away - with NO effort on my part!

You got it! Our premium package puts YOUR photo right on the cover of your new book, with no writing effort on your part. All that we ask is that you stand still long enough for your photo to be taken, and have a cup of coffee over Zoom so we can meet and get to know you better. betond that, we'll take care of the rest!

Get started today!