Can I use something that has already been published in my new book?

Absolutely! In fact, many future-authors come to us with blog posts, articles, powerpoint presentations, website content, or other pre-used work, and it is a great way to reuse content.

The only question – if it was previously published in a book or other site – is whether THEY allow the reuse. Most should (we certainly do), and they may want the other publication to be cited, which is actually a great way to share their information and boost your overall exposure – a win-win for all!

Can something I use in my new book be used someplace else?

Yes you can! And it is your decision on whether to add a citation like “As previously published in _______ ‘ – which is a great way to plug your book as well.

How long will it take before my book is published?

Great question! We generally say about 6 months, but much depends upon your own timing and input. Here’s how it can break down:

Month 1 – You’ve signed up and are ready to hit the ground running! We’ll set up a 30-minute meeting to discuss your goals, audience, content, and tone. After that, you’ll get started writing.

Month 2 – You may still be writing, or perhaps you have found something you already wrote that you plan to adapt. If we are doing the writing for you, you will be receiving our working files, so that you can respond to any questions our writers may have, and supply your all-important feedback.

Months 3/4 – Once you have finished and submitted your writing, our editors will go through it for any inconsistencies, grammatical errors, spelling, sentence structure, and clarity. Our editors work on a shared document space with you, so that they can communicate directly regarding any questions or suggestions, and can make the changes right on the document.

Month 5 – After editing, your book will be formatted and proofed again – both by our team, as well as a digital proof sent to you for any final changes and your approval. At this point, we are able to set an actual publication date , which will we share with you, along with posts and announcements. However, we don’t wait until this point to share and celebrate your upcoming publication, as you will receive posts, graphics, and announcements to share from the outset, as it is never too early to celebrate your upcoming author status. We will also be scheduling a 30-minute marketing meeting with you, so that you can leverage your new book to the fullest.

Month 6 – Hurray – time to celebrate! Your new book has been published, and along with a flurry of announcements filling your feeds (and email box!) you will be invited to promotional interviews, a podcast appearance, and a panel discussion. However, a book launch isn’t just a one-day event, but rather, something to leverage professionally for years to come. And we are here to partner with you and support you during your journey. Need more copies? Just ask, and they’ll be on their way. Need an email sent from your publisher to secure an event? You got it! Looking for particular file formats or information for a new project? Drop us a line! We are proud to be your publisher – today, tomorrow, and throughout your career.

How can I get copies of my book?

You will automatically receive 10 print copies of your new book, along with links for complimentary digital copies. Anytime you would like more print copies, just let us know and we will send them out at cost. generally, we are able to get copies for between $5-7 per copy, but if you have large orders, we may be able to get them even cheaper.

Do I get paid in book royalties?

Book royalties are the profit made from selling your book. Rather than getting a percentage of book royalties, you get ALL of the profits from books you sell. For example, if you purchased print copies at $5 each and sold them at an event or to clients for $12, you get all of the profit (in this case, $7) yourself. Additionally, if you would like to sell digital copies, they are free for you, so whatever price you sell them for (on your website or via a QR code on a business card or such) is pure profit for you. In this way, the profit – and the power – go directly to you.

What if I don’t see a book title that resonates with me, or works with my goals/content?

Please let us know, as we are constantly creating new titles. Just click here and fill out the form with your ideas, and we can even jump on a call to discuss your ideal book. let’s make it happen!

I have more questions – can you help?

Absolutely! Just click here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with any answers or clarifactions you may need.


NOW is the time for YOU to become a published author!