What I WISH I knew before starting out …

This is an opportunity for coaches, speakers, consultants, financial planners, and other professionals who deal with the entrepreneurs and other forward thinkers to author a book focused upon your field of expertise.

This book will be an essential guide for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own business. Authored by experts and successful entrepreneurs, this book will offer deep insights into every aspect of starting a business. Contributors can explore topics such as identifying market gaps, conducting market research, developing a business plan, securing financing, and implementing effective marketing strategies. Or perhaps you would prefer to write about understanding legal considerations or managing cash flow effectively to establish a strong foundation for long-term success. This book will equip readers with the necessary knowledge and skills required to navigate through the challenges of entrepreneurship with confidence.

This book can be used as a resource or lead magnet for authors, as well as a worthy publication to increase their exposure, attract more clients, and gain credibility in their field.

All authors will receive the following:

  • 30-minute planning meeting to discuss the type of audience and results you are seeking with your publication. We certainly want your time and effort to be focused upon your goals, and the structure, content, style, and tone of your work should reflect that.
  • 30-minute book promotion planning meeting, so that the author’s short and long terms goals – both as an author as well as a professional – can be strategized and realized.
  • Professional editing of your work, which will be shared with you for your input and approval.
  • 10 softcover books to get you started
  • Unlimited softcover and/or hardcover books AT COST whenever you like.
  • Unlimited FREE digital copies of your book.
  • A full multi-page media kit, including a book one-sheet, book reviews, press release, bio, and graphics, along with a complimentary download link for book reviewers.
  • A speaker sheet including your top speaking topics, book graphics, and contact information for booking you as a speaker.
  • Book graphics (both flat and 3D) in all file types and sizes for you to use for business cards, bookmarks,  letterhead, cake decorations – anything you could possibly need!
  • Social media posts featuring you and your new book – from announcements that your new release is on the horizon through posts sharing your interviews and book trailers.
  • Opportunities to be interviewed and appear on an author show, promoted on YouTube and Spotify,  to use the full show or excerpts for your own promotions.