Creating your own self-care oasis in the desert of life.

Reflections and inspirations to put YOU first … guilt free!

This book on reflections and inspirations delves into the essential practice of prioritizing oneself without the burden of guilt, and demystifies the societal notion that self-care equates to selfishness. If you are a coach or health-care provider, join this book with your own strategies, ranging from mindfulness techniques to boundary-setting exercises, which empower individuals to put their own needs first with unwavering confidence. Share thought-provoking anecdotes and expert advice to encourage readers to reflect upon their belief systems, dismantle self-imposed limitations, and embrace self-compassion wholeheartedly. This book will be an invaluable resource for professionals seeking guidance in navigating the pressures of modern life while cultivating a healthy sense of self-worth.

All authors will receive the following:

  • 30-minute planning meeting to discuss the type of audience and results you are seeking with your publication. We certainly want your time and effort to be focused upon your goals, and the structure, content, style, and tone of your work should reflect that.
  • 30-minute book promotion planning meeting, so that the author’s short and long terms goals – both as an author as well as a professional – can be strategized and realized.
  • Professional editing of your work, which will be shared with you for your input and approval.
  • 10 softcover books to get you started
  • Unlimited softcover and/or hardcover books AT COST whenever you like.
  • Unlimited FREE digital copies of your book.
  • A full multi-page media kit, including a book one-sheet, book reviews, press release, bio, and graphics, along with a complimentary download link for book reviewers.
  • A speaker sheet including your top speaking topics, book graphics, and contact information for booking you as a speaker.
  • Book graphics (both flat and 3D) in all file types and sizes for you to use for business cards, bookmarks,  letterhead, cake decorations – anything you could possibly need!
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