Step #2 - Submit your Chapter

Perhaps you already have an article or extended blogpost that you’d like to submit for publication.

Or you’d like to write something new for your new book.

Or maybe you don’t want to write at all!

Whatever your situation, we are here to help your to become a published author YOUR way – with no added stress!

You Have Something Ready to Publish

Fantastic! If you’ve already written something for your upcoming publication, we’ll start with a 30-minute Zoom meeting to be sure that your work is geared toward the audience and results you are seeking. Next, our editors will go through your piece, correcting any grammatical or structural errors, and suggesting any changes or clarifications they feel would help your work. After your approval, your work will be formatted and included in your new publication! We understand that writing is an ongoing process, and we are committed to supporting you beyond just one publication. Our team of experienced writers and editors will be available for consultations or brainstorming sessions whenever you need fresh ideas or guidance for future pieces. In addition to our comprehensive publishing services, we also offer opportunities for networking and collaboration within our community of authors, writers, and industry professionals. Our community is a vibrant hub of creativity and knowledge-sharing, where like-minded individuals come together to exchange ideas, provide feedback, and support each other’s endeavors. Whether you are a seasoned author looking to connect with potential collaborators or a budding writer seeking guidance from experienced professionals, our networking and collaboration opportunities are designed to foster growth and enhance your publishing journey. 

You Plan to Write Something New

This is a great option for those who may not have a ready-supply of finished work. We’ll start by setting up a 30-minute Zoom meeting to discuss the type of audience and results you are seeking with your publication. We certainly want your time and effort to be focused upon your goals, and the structure, content, style, and tone of your work should reflect that. After we meet and you complete your work, our editors will go through your piece, correcting any grammatical or structural errors, and suggesting any changes or clarifications they feel would help to strengthen your writing. All final decisions are yours, and upon your approval, your work will be formatted and included in your new publication. We are happy to offer outstanding possibilities for networking and cooperation within our distinguished community of authors, writers, and industry experts in addition to our broad range of publishing services. Our community acts as a vibrant center for creativity and knowledge exchange, where people with like-minded interests come together to discuss ideas, give helpful criticism, and enthusiastically support one another’s activities. Our networking and collaboration efforts are expertly designed to foster personal growth and advance your publishing career, whether you are an established author looking for possible collaborators or an aspiring writer yearning for advice from seasoned professionals.

You Haven’t the Time or Desire to Write Yourself

If you find yourself lacking the time, expertise, or desire to write, worry no more. Our professional ghostwriting service is here to fulfill your writing needs. With a team of experienced and skilled writers, we guarantee high-quality content tailored specifically to your requirements. We will begin with a 30-minute Zoom meeting to learn more about you—your business, personal story, inspirations, and goals. Next, we will discuss your work, nailing down an appropriate topic area to best represent you and achieve your publication goals. We understand the importance of authentic voice and meticulous research when it comes to writing on behalf of our clients. Therefore, our ghostwriters diligently assess your objectives and style preferences before embarking on crafting engaging and compelling content that resonates with your target audience. Rest assured that confidentiality and privacy are deeply ingrained in our ethos as we prioritize protecting your intellectual property rights at all costs.  Our ghostwriting clients are held in the strictest confidentiality at all times. Our goal is to help to fulfill your goals in the least amount of time. While there are no definitive statistics available, anecdotal evidence suggests that over 60% of books published—not to mention articles, blog posts, and the like—are ghost-written, so it is a valuable and common method to achieve your publishing goals .