Step #3 - Send in Your Photo

We certainly want to promote YOU along with your new book, and so sending in your photo is definitely a critical step. And if you have more than one that you like – perhaps a “formal” headshot along with a more relaxed picture, please send them both.

We will be using your photo in several ways, including:

  • featuring it along with your bio in your new book
  • using it on the front cover, if you select an individually personalized book cover
  • adding it to your media kit, speaker sheet, and social media posts to use for promotions

If you need the background removed – or changed – for your photo, just let us know. We can also use your photo to create an avatar or caricature if you prefer. Find a photo you love, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Here's an example of my headshot - regular, with the background removed, and a caricature version (which I use for my podcast).