Step #5 - Open your front door - your books have arrived!

Before you know it, your new books will arrive! Time to celebrate and break out the Sharpie to start autographing books!

All of our authors receive:

  • 10 softcover books to get you started
  • Unlimited softcover and/or hardcover books AT COST whenever you like.
  • Unlimited FREE digital copies of your book.

There is no time limit, minimum order number, or deadline to get more books. You can order whenever you like, and we will always find the best print price for you that we can. While we have no minimum-sized order, larger orders will often have a lower cost-per-book, and we will advise you of the best prices each time you place an order. Other publishers charge high, marked-up prices for copies of your own book, but we refuse to mark-up prices – it’s YOUR book.

Additionally, we will set up your book so that you can easily give away or sell digital copies. These copies will cost you nothing – it is pure profit for you.

Our goal is for you to have your OWN books to use as best serves you and your goals – to sell, give away, and promote to further your own professional objectives.